Website Development

Website Development

S IT Solutions provide best website hosting and development service. We help to register your domain name for free and host your website.S IT Solutions also has excellent maintenance and beta development facilities to take care of your website.

“Website development as the name suggests refers to building, creating and maintenance of a website. It includes aspects such as web design, web programming, its publishing and data programming etc. The meaning of the different words used in this definition are explained.

Web Design : It includes layout of the web page, the content production which would be used in the website and the graphic design of the web pages and the whole website.

Web Publishing : It includes publishing the content over the internet. It includes creating and updating the web pages, blogs and the website as a whole.

Database Programming : A database is a structure that stores organised information and it is also essentially required in Website Development. In this time when everything is digitalised and over the internet it is very important that website development is done properly so that users are satisfied with the web services.